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The Association of International Students has been operating since May 29, 1996


The Association of International Students is a corporate non–profit organization, an association of legal entities and (or) citizens based on voluntary membership and created to represent and protect common interests (including professional) in order to achieve socially useful goals.

AIS unites more than 10,000 people, and active members include representatives from more than 70 countries around the world.

The Association of Foreign Students is an all-Russian student organization which main goals are:

  • Assistance in strengthening and deepening mutual understanding between foreign students of educational institutions of the Russian Federation, their public organizations and administration, public education authorities;
  • Assistance to foreign students in their professional training, representation and protection of the legitimate rights and interests of foreign students studying in the Russian Federation;
  • Promoting mutual understanding and friendship between the people of all countries.
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About the Association

Association of international students is a self-governing, voluntary and non-political or commercial organization.


Explore the experiences of predecessor students and share yours. Watch interesting events and main events in the life of students. Russian life hacks. Where to go in Russia?

Study in Russia

The platform presents a database of Russian Universities that support the education of foreign students. Universities with departments that are part of the AIS.

Forum of international students "Russia has made us friends"

The forum objectives:

  • unity of international students who are representing talented youth;
  • development of the leadership potential of foreign students of Russian universities;
  • strengthening educational, scientific and cultural cooperation between educational institutions of higher education in Russia.
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AIS branches

At the moment, there are 27 branches of the Association of international students in different cities of Russia
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